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IV Therapy

We’ve all felt a bit ‘blah’ for a variety of reasons:

a mild sickness, an injury, or one too many drinks the night before. Intravenous (IV) therapy is a treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized and ready to tackle your day.

What can it treat?

✔ Athletic recovery
✔ Hangover relief
✔ Fatigue
✔ Cold and flu relief
✔ Migraine and headache relief
✔ Immune system support
✔ High blood pressure
✔ Allergy symptoms

IV therapy feeds vitamins, minerals, amino acids and vital nutrients into your bloodstream to heal your body quickly and improve your energy levels. By injecting nutrients directly into your bloodstream, you’re able to heal faster than if you got them from food or supplements.
You will feel completely relaxed during your treatment. After a quick needle prick, you’re invited to relax comfortably and enjoy the benefits of a fast-acting IV cocktail tailored to your needs. Your infusion will take about an hour.

✔ Easy and convenient
✔ Affordable
✔ Boost your immune system
✔ Increase energy and overall well-being

In most cases, you will feel the effects almost immediately. Depending on your needs, it may take more time. Your IV treatment can leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized for days.

IV Cocktail Menu

Our IV therapy experts can create custom treatments specific to your needs.

Call for pricing & scheduling!

The Olympian

This cocktail is packed with vitamins to give you a natural boost. Perfect for athletes, gym rats and anyone wanting to improve their physical performance.

Basic Detox

This is a great starter IV for those beginning a detox program or feeling bogged down from nutritional imbalance.

Detox Plus

Similar to the Basic Detox, but with a more aggressive cocktail that promotes detoxification.

Encompass Energizer

Ditch the energy drink. Put pep in your step with this vitamin and amino acid combo.

Immune Booster

Eliminate cold, flu or allergy symptoms with a cocktail designed to restore your health and power up your immune system.


The original IV nutrient therapy cocktail. This is a great base cocktail of vitamins and minerals to improve your overall well-being and give you a boost of energy.


Planning on indulging? Get ahead of the game with this pre-party cocktail.


If you’re low on nutrients, treat your body to a cocktail that will replenish vitamin and mineral stores.

The Rookie (Hangover 1)

New to the game? This is a simple way to re-hydrate, eliminate queasiness and treat migraines.

The Allstar (Hangover 2)

Not every rockstar should party like one. Our Allstar cocktail is packed with anti-nausea vitamins and antioxidants. You’ll feel so great, you might forget your promise to never over-indulge again.

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